Frequently Asked Questions

When are you having this retreat/tour again?

There’s at least a 75% chance of never. Insha Allah we will continue to have our classic Morocco retreat (with the same limited number of spaces) in the spring, but all the others… there are a lot of places we want to go and just can’t keep adding them into the schedule. There’s truly not enough days in the year as we are now at 3-4 events a year plus all of our other work, family commitments and fun.


This December will likely be our only children-welcome retreat for sometime as we have another tour slotted in that spot for next year and the following. Grab them while you can! No one ever says, “Gosh, I really regret having taken that time away for myself” or “Uff, I regret spending that lovely holiday with my daughter…” mom, sister, etc.

My uncle’s wife’s sister’s neighbour went on a yoga retreat to Morocco and it only cost £600. Why are you so expensive???

That must have been lovely for someone who only wants to eat, sleep and do yoga. But if she (he?) wanted to do anything at all else they had to pay for all of that too. At The Big Reconnect Sleepover we have taken care of everything. Everything. All the tours, activities, local transport, compulsory gratuity (tips are wages in Morocco) and almost every single meal has already been paid for. Once your flight hits the ground, we sweep you off to the retreat and you don’t have to reach for your wallet even once until lunchtime on one of the days were are out and about (way less than eight quid/bucks).*

The Big Reconnect Sleepover is a £1600 retreat that we created for you with an incredible savings. EVERYTHING includes: Guided therapeutic, creative, and writing activities to help you refill your vessel and reconnect to your fitra Self;  One-on-one counselling sessions with Khalida, at your discretion; Daily private yoga classes; Modest spa pampering session; Private riad with female-only staff; Relaxing in or next to the private, heated indoor pool; Taking in the magnificent natural surroundings of one of the largest rivers in Morocco at the foothills of the High Atlas Mountains; Learning traditional recipes in a private cooking class; All the fresh, lovingly-made Moroccan food you can eat; Transportation to and from the airport, and to all points of our adventures; Camel rides; and, of course, a goodie bag lovingly filled with wonderful thing you will use and treasure.

PLUS: A guided tour and shopping in hustling bustling Marrakech, salah at an Iconic Mosque, a traditional dinner party hosted by our sisters in a rural village, multiple opportunities for altruism, sadaqa distributed in your name to the most needing children in Morocco…

Please ask if the neighbour got to do any of that and how much was the final cost of their trip? The Big Reconnect Sleepover is worth £1600, and you’re worth that, but we’re saving you a bunch of money so you can really, guiltlessly enjoy yourself! InshaAllah. Xx

*Unless, of course, you find something you must have/do above and beyond all of that ^. Perhaps tipping extra or grabbing a liter of Argan oil, but we’ll be giving you some of that too!

Do you have plans for mahrams?

We would be happy to help them coordinate their own activities among themselves or with local guides, but do not currently have a set itinerary for accompanying mahrams.. Morocco is an immensely beautiful, culturally and historically rich country with a wide range of sites to see and things to do. Mahrams are welcome to stay at a riad within walking distance of our own private, female-only riad or they can stay the short drive away in Marrakech or on the High Atlas Mountains or… please get in touch and we can help your mahram to also have an incredible (or just relaxing) stay in Morocco.

Can I bring my children?

Not this time.* We would really, really like to say, “yes!” but the truth is that it is very difficult to rejuvenate and do personal development activities while caring for others. This is exactly why we have created this ‘big break’ for you. We are currently creating a family retreat and hope you and yours will join us then. Please arrange a minder for this break, it sounds like you could do with it!

*Babes in arms are lovingly welcomed if you think you can work around them and we can arrange trustworthy childcare too if need be.

Do I need a visa?

Please check with the Moroccan embassy. If you do require a visa, we can help you acquire one.

Should I get travelers insurance?

The riad and transport included in the trip have their own degrees of insurance, but you are welcome to purchase your own coverage if you like.

Do I need to be a writer?

Not at all! While Khalida and Brooke both have a love of writing in common and met through SISTERS magazine, this retreat is not in the least bit for writers. All the activities we have designed to help you reconnect to your Self, your Sisterhood and your Sustainer – guided visualizations, journaling, exercise, discussions, and creative outlets – are absolutely optional and participation is based on your comfort and preference.


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