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Sis, you do too much, almost entirely for others – masha Allah – and you need a little time to refuel and learn to slow, if only to better yourself to continue to aid others. In addition to serving sisters and families through one-on-one counselling, Khalida Haque has designed “The Big Reconnecting Sleepover” retreats exclusively for Muslim women to take that much needed and often longed for break, as well as put together “The Big Reconnecting Selflove Journal” to take mini reflective breaks when and wherever you can.

As a thank you for being a part of the Healthy Muslimah Online Summit 2018, please take 20% off from “The Big Reconnecting Selflove Journal”. We have a few spots vacant on our next The Big Reconnect Sleepover retreat – the Maximised Mini UK, 14 – 18 August 2018. Anyone who has signed up to the Healthy Muslimah Summit 2018 and wants to nab (while it’s available) a remaining spot on the Summer retreat we are knocking 10% off the full price – it can be a gift to yourself and/or to a special another sis (over 16) in your life.

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