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Khalida Haque is an integratively trained counselling psychotherapist and clinical supervisor. She currently works in independent practice, as a Counselling Services Manager in Schools, a ‘Caring Dads’ facilitator and a freelance writer. Her counselling experience is extensive and varied, having worked at and with various organisations: Nour-DV, Grief Encounter, Woman’s Trust, Age Concern (now Age UK), …


Morocco Classic Big Reconnect Sleepover Retreat 2017

“An amazing experience. Refreshing to be amongst encouraging and supportive sisters. I will be back.”

Morocco Retreater 2017

“Thank you for organizing such an amazing event. I would have never been able to experience this had I come alone. I feel so relaxed and ready to face reality even if I’m not ready to leave.”

Morocco Retreater 2017

“The week was extremely enjoyable and an amazing experience. We did a variety of activities that everyone enjoyed.”

by Nahida Esmail, Author, Poet, Mountain Climber and Repeat TBRS Retreatee

The Big Reconnect Sleepover Sit comfortably in an upright position
Allow your seat to take your weight and hold you
Allow yourself to relax
Allow the tension to be released from your body
Bring your focus to your breathing
Breathe in, breathe out By attending this retreat, I am writing


Do I need a visa ?

Please check with the Moroccan embassy. If you do require a visa, we can help you acquire one.

Should I get travelers insurance ?

The riad and transport included in the trip have their own degrees of insurance, but you are welcome to purchase your own coverage if you like.

Do I need to be a writer ?

Not at all! While Khalida and Brooke both have a love of writing in common and met through SISTERS magazine, this retreat is not in the least bit for writers. All the activities we have designed to help you reconnect to your Self, your Sisterhood and your Sustainer – guided visualizations, journaling, exercise, discussions, and creative outlets – are absolutely optional and participation is based on your comfort and preference.


Folow Us

Please contact us for any questions you have about The Big Reconnect Sleepover, assistance with registering/payment, or any general concerns or information you need. Hope to see you soon, insha Allah!

You can Email us directly for more information at:



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